Study these Vietnamese beauties to prove that it's not just 'hot and new breasts hot'

Many sisters have a modest round of fear of not being beautiful and sexy. Partly because the "lop" concept is not sexy, not beautiful. And they always have difficulty choosing the right type of shirt, as well as not willing to experiment. However, when looking at these beauties, all those worries will quickly disappear.

Dang Thu Thao

Thu Thao is inherently associated with pure images and background. However, she also occasionally changes sexy images when she appears. At the time of coronation, Thu Thao is 1m75 tall and owns measurements 83-60-90. The first round of Miss Vietnam 2012 was somewhat modest, but she still confidently represented fragile models. When looking at pictures of beautiful people, many people have to say that "anyone who tells her chest is not hot".

Miss Dang Thu Thao is the perfect symbol for the beauty of small breasts.

Despite a modest round, it did not stop Thu Thao from shining and sexy with a cocktail dress.

Whatever style of fashion, Thu Thao also easily conquered the viewers easily. Instead, small-breasted girls will have more options for costumes.

The newly opened chest is the declaration of those who have one round.

Tang Thanh Ha

Although not owning a body which is prone to the sexy like many stars in the entertainment industry now, Tang Thanh Ha still maintains the icon of Fashion icon for nearly a decade. Even when she retired to hide, away from showbiz, every time she appeared at entertainment events as a guest, the female cinematographer still made the fans "stand still" because of the fashion temperament. exudes naturally.

The flat chest mold promotes all its power under the flimsy slip dress.

A flat chest without exposing too much skin will create a sexy beauty in the frame, seductive but not create a feeling of desire and disgust.

If the chest mold is not as full as the full moon, you can still boast in a V-shaped shirt or skirt. Don't be inferior, not self-deprecating when there is nothing to show off because sometimes things that don't exist are those What makes people feel curious, want to discover the most.

Ha Tang's V-neck dresses are usually not too deep, too wide. It's enough to make her look cool and eye-catching. Even without showing off the first round, the female jewel still radiates a very female beauty.

Or when wearing a shirt that is so deep and bold, this is the privilege that the bustling girls can never be afraid to reveal because . there is nothing to reveal!

Ha Tang loves the wrap designs because she understands that her first round needs. Not only sexy, wrap design is also a stylization to create a highlight to help the fashion style more impressive.

Bich Phuong

Owning a beautiful face and singing voice to the hearts of people, but Bich Phuong has the disadvantage of being quite 'flat'. However, she not only hid this but even "peeled off" herself to let the people in the table talk.

Self-proclaimed as a snail parked by the fence is not enough, Bich Phuong also added a flat ball field for people to imagine. And so people have the opportunity to contribute joyfully with comments that are quite heartful.

Looking back at previous images, it is unlikely that everyone will see Bich Phuong now.

Previously, Bich Phuong had repeatedly expressed that she had never seen herself attractive with a straight waist and a modest round.

Or if not, even more daring, Bich Phuong still has deep square designs that attract her eyes, gently exposing her modest chest.

Still know that Bich Phuong "flat chest" but never publicly stopped complacent with her special charm.

Hoang Thuy

Compared to the day, she was still a supermodel with the champion position of Vietnams Next Top Model 2011 and now is the Vietnam runner-up Hoan Vu, Hoang Thuy has gained a lot of weight, her physique is increasingly sexy with hot curves, however, there is always a truth about Hoang Thuy's first round that is still quite modest.

The modest round 1 does not mean that Hoang Thuy cannot be sexy. The beauty is still extremely sexy in the two-piece dress designs and the sleek and tight designs show off her toned figure and her sexy shoulder frame.

Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc

Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc also lamented that she had to 'pry' a lot to get a perfect bikini photo.

Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc also revealed that her first round lost to her younger brother.

Looking at this picture, I can see that if there is no support, Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc's first round ability will disappear.

Although there is no standard figure of three rounds, the beautiful actress is still confident in tight-fitting, deeply cut costumes. The gentle beauty of Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc gives her a unique charm.


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