Sweet innocent girl don't want Prada's big

Miucci Prada brought to New York Fashion Week FW 2015 pictures the sweet, innocent girl and doesn't seem to want to grow up, sweet, innocent, ...

The COLLECTION Prada FW 2015 can be divided into three parts, as the process of maturation of a young girl. From the beginning of puberty is still nostalgic sets small time, to mature at the start when beginning to know touching the different design, and flashes of brilliant blooms with bold designs, feminine and seductive nature.

Prada towards creating a bright, feminine collection with the pale pastel colors to express the image of these girls are infatuated with the sweet innocent.

Strong impression from the Prada show, this time as the girls tie ponytail full of life. They coat the people dress up baby doll with long gloves as Amal Clooney and shirt color inside. Like the model you want to dress so nice but afraid of exposing too much body. Brooch flower head to, pants or jackets to emphasize the idea that the girls seemed to have matured, but still could not abandon the Prada of her favorite.

Pants, jackets or brooches a to seems to be the way the girls tell the world that: I don't want to!

The pastel colors, pale, blue re ... is the mainstream color covering the COLLECTION, of the feminine sweet innocent girl

The colorful designs on the tweed material, or striped with shoulder-mounted hair has more modern definition for the classic appearance of the costume to school. And the idea of expressing the texture pattern as the waves and turn them into catchy textures momentum for skirt and jacket, is actually a smart concept.

Tweed fabric is possibly menswear suit designers express the Declaration of her that: I was great.

Tweed fabric crown it level of the simple design and Oriental classical quality

Little activity designed to create wave texture, tone, style, or the striped texture pattern with contrasting colors.

... is the new creation of Prada in the collection this time

Baby doll dresses was also the highlight of the show, this time with the Prada shoulder and material added to the new details. The model is protected with crocodile leather gloves as a way to honor the beauty of mature woman.

Baby doll dresses, feminine and retain its youthful for she was wearing such a shirt also want the embarrassment of the girls when not want too much flesh pageants

Crocodile leather glove is the perfect highlight ton up tittle women of the girls

In the end, and then everybody grows up, let's adapt it and even beautiful

There are people who will argue that this collection of Prada brimming strength, there are also people who will think this is probably the brand Miu Miu's combined with Prada-products line for young clients. But not Oscar Wilde said: youth is suffering from waste by young people?=

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