Synthesis of two-wire dresses that are 'fragile' like Vietnamese stars

These two-wire dresses with convenience and comfort have captured the special favor of many Vietnamese beauties. Dress two-wire dress is a fashion style many Vietnamese stars "pet". This design not only helps to show the maximum beauty of the body, soft shoulders, but also brings comfort and serenity to the wearer. With many different styles of coordination, the beauties appear each person with a look, from sexy, gentle to gentle, personality.

However, reaching the realm when wearing the skirt of two delicate strings that seemed about to break with a full circle could only be the following beauties:

Attending a recent event, Ngoc Trinh wore a flimsy dress like 'stepping out from the bedroom'. The short glossy silk design, with the ultra-thin straps that make the beauty being commented as 'wearing as it is'.

Austria, two-string skirt with piece straps only with spaghetti yarn is a trend that many people love. Huong Giang also used to rub when wearing a dress like "about to break", not enough to cover a round stretch.

Ky Duyen's dress has a super-thin string, it is difficult to support a full circle of beautiful people.

Nha Phuong constantly had to use her hands to shield her while wearing a small, slender dress with a deep chest.

The lagoon silk dress design with the delicate two-piece embellishes the charm of Titus.

Thanh Bi's shirt was commented by many people as 'the wind blew also'.

Toc Tien is very popular in the style of silk dresses inspired by the fashion of the bedroom with the lack of string.

Super-thin wire helps Thanh Hang's bare back more and more.

Thuy Vi's shirt line looks 'there is no' because it is too slender compared to the round of a 'crazy' of her.