Tall not yet m6 but this girl knows how to dress up to m7

Obviously, modest height is not a big obstacle to wearing clothes. Because, the fashion world always has items that help you deceive the eyes of the opposite person, that you are much higher than reality.

Fashion editor Nicole Akhtarzad of Who What Wear said: "No one expected me to be only 1m57 tall, they always thought I was taller than that . " And the simple tip of Nicole is sticking paint glue with the following items.

1. Crop top

With a short form, the crop top is the magic of the dwarf mushroom. This style will reveal the high waistband, help your legs look longer and overall taller body. In times when you don't want to get stuck, the crop top is clearly a great choice to perfect your style.

2. High waistband

High waistband always exudes a trendy and elegant look, but besides that, this item is also a powerful weapon. You can mix high waistband with short shirt, otherwise, please record to effectively cheat the height of this item to promote optimal offline!

3. Short skirt

If asked what is the perfect skirt for short girls, the most accurate answer is a short skirt. This item helps her show off her legs, from which the height is cheated at least a few centimeters. This is also the choice of many female stars who own a modest but still famous height like Song Hye Kyo, Irene (Red Velvet) or Jisoo (Black Pink).

4. Midi skirt

In case, you are not confident when wearing a short skirt, what to do? The option to hack the effective figure 2 for her short is midi skirt. This calf-length skirt creates a moderate opening for the legs, enough to help the figure of the wearer more tall. Midi skirts are also very feminine, elegant, suitable for women from office to the city.

5. High-heeled sandals straps

High-heeled sandals help hack the figure, but if you choose the strappy version, the results will be even more amazing. The reason is because, slender straps design will help release the legs, creating a long, seemingly endless effect. In addition to bringing tall physique, slender high-heeled sandals also help set the outfit more delicate, feminine and more attractive.

There are countless ways to dress well, but it is important to choose clothes that overcome your inherently limited height.