The agony of mind when shopping of her third round ' Bulgarian ' clip

3-Round clip, Bulgarian is one of the problems when you choose death, space shuttle, page 3, jeans, bikini, women, xoe loans today, showbiz, social life.

Of course no one is perfect and having the round 3 "humility" also can do you less than beautiful. However, the fact is that it can cause these problems for you when choosing to buy and wear.

The romper bring soft materials hard-way

When an romper soft material redbud, you look absolutely cute when seen from the front, but if viewed from behind, you're not off the upset when saw his round 3 "sparkling diving" under section searching for pants flare. So, if you want an romper, please select the type of sturdy materials and designs.

The dress, bodycon bunch as easy to accuse three Bulgarian clamp

Usually, the chosen girl bodycon dress to show off the full three rounds measurements to his charm. You also want to style this skirt area but do not know how to just breeze are the round 1 and round 2 standard, but at the same time overcome the drawback of modest third round? Select the bodycon dress had, especially the area embracing the bottom half of the third round not too bunch.

The pants just wide but butt tube

The owners have quite modest third round is no stranger to feeling a little dissapointed when his trousers but try at the store and saw the pipe parts are very fit but the butt then again Hitman wide flare. The experience here is select the trousers have soft and stretchy material for a bit instead of "ham pit" hard quèo fabrics.

Hardly an ensemble without the bag after

Parts bag behind the pants, especially jeans hugging designs have the effect in helping round 3 look fuller. So that you are very "fetish". However, if sometimes go shopping that decides to try the pants don't have pockets, then you get extremely hard when three of his brain back "sparkling non diving".

Skirt material developed software? -Not good!

Skirts sweep of soft material is indeed item very "obnoxious" by it as the 3rd round plump look fuller but makes modest third round looked as smaller. So, once wanted an short skirts sweep, then seasoned with skirt type, stand designs is the "saviour" of you.

Vthis document/maxi skirts can make the round 3 to become "invisible"

You ever think that the skirts maxi with several layers of cloth can help you "cheat" bit ring measurements 3. To experience the official until you see that this skirt style as do round 3 of you like playing hide and seek.

Choose pants shorts so

Every time try wearing shorts, you will have to face two problems, one is too long, the two are too short. With the shorts too long, round 3 of you will as the doldrums, but if an flat-short shorts really-which is viable approach to "cheat" the measure 3-are you afraid himself looks offensive.

Scorpions Scorpions higher front pants trousers behind

One of the funny things (but uncomfortably) that her buttocks are often opposite the Bulgarian when wearing pants is the scraper back pants always taller than the front pants Scorpions the abdomen.

Bikini sale by both the set really is obnoxious

Before choosing the map pool, you often feel sparkly however when "conquests" in addition to the shop, you see that "life not as a dream". If has a crush on trót bikini, you will have to prepare that part of Austria can fit perfectly and wrap then reverse completely. So, the select bikini strenuous than your other people so much by you will have to select the shirt, trousers and private but still have to make sure they are related to each other.=

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