The costume worn by the stars Free

Free stars had been Much criticised for abusing ' penetrates the fashion style of dress as well as not '., thoi trang minh hang, brass, Abdul hong que, ha ...

Many stars have Free bib daring outfit made many people feel "stinging eyes" with those gaps there when 90% of the body.

Ha AnhWith a standard physique and hot curves, model Ha Anh regular an the costume "little cloth" to blush.

What costumes to wear nor of supermodel Ha.

The choice of dress is the right of every person but when excessive abuse of the cave openings will cause her to lose points in the public eye.

HA He is often an these dresses revealing, exposing both the medical cabinet + Vault "length when appearing at the event or the catwalk. She also repeatedly fined for wearing offensive performances.

Nostalgic Tram

One Vietnamese vocal audience "shocked" with these costumes takes place along the short gaps during the daring, reveals clearly the internal medicine.

Nostalgic Tram once made fans disappointed to hear offensive costume at a bar. With the Black Lagoon penetrates, exposing internal medicine Divisions increasingly lost in the eye point Tram fans.

Female singer, often an short internal medicine openings costumes and the sensitive part of the body.

Cinnamon Rose

Be known to the public as a model from a very young age, Red Cinnamon bear many look pry from public opinion by fashion style "bold" openings . The costume made people look to blush.

With costumes that "have not" Cinnamon Persimmon has been sharply criticised.

The thin lace dress designer Hoang Hai tang are Rosy Cinnamon wing at the opening of the Hanoi International Film Festival.

Ocean Emerald Swift

Model Ocean Emerald Swifts are also not less times an the costume "openings of domestic violence" with fashion penetrates in the event.

Daring lace dresses, one half of the fragile body of the beautiful people . Especially round suffered a complete route.

The dress worn by the model has created the "Storm" public opinion by showing yourself level offensive when to reveal both the home health Lacy thin layer underneath.

Ocean Turquoise thin lace dress choose Swift, deep and broad neck, hugging a breeze for 1 too.

Minh Hằng

Singer, actress Reynolds also quite unpopular lace material. Fabric lace penetrates always ladies fashion Favorites but if don't know how to wear and use them, then the lace material penetrates can render the wearer should be disturbing.

Reynolds with the lace jumpsuit "scandalous". But the nude-colored fabric layer is lined with the same skin color, but this same colour back hugging designs beautiful misunderstanding.

With the Red Swamp deep chest rips, not even the medical cabinet to reveal a ring offensive.=

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