The costumes for 'forbidden' when it launched the home lover

the lunar new year is the occasion you have ' ' opportunity to debut and scored points with ' ' the guy's parents. But don't let the dress makes the future parents think wrong about you!, new year, opportunities, ...

What you wear on people if properly reflect your personal style makes you a lot more confidence. However, in an important occasion like this, when people are exposed is the older ranks, between you with they have a certain spread of opinion. You should take the time to try different outfits and styles go back several laps in the room to choose the most suitable outfit. But please note the costumes for "forbidden" below.

The wide neck shirt

The lunar new year is the occasion you an the hobby kits. The style of dress shirt and sexy with the broad tone of the stock momentum will keep you young and outstanding. But if you have a calendar to the House who love to launch the future husband's parents "stay away" things when deep neck dress chest, blotting out. They cause you to lack serious, polite and charming. You will not be nice when the bow down, rotates the arm served with jacket or sexy.

Shorts, short dresses

Skirts or shorts day will usually do the crazy guy with long legs hypnosis man, charming and sexy. But in this critical moment, if you still "sticky" sexy they will first face the Red guy.

The shorts, short dresses with only the date with the guy rather than "contraindications" with the whirring do future husband with his mother, rice sat talking to salon's guy. Please note and keep away from it to don't lose points!

Skinny nude colour pants/tregging

Can the tregging or skinny nude color pants are designed with the manager about the designs, decoration make you crazy. The cool colors as the color camel, beige, Brown or bronze color will help you stay young and hip. However, let's look back at the breakdown that this simple trousers cause leads to blushing. So, to avoid falling into a similar scene in front of the parent that you temporarily store it for use on the other party.

The clothes "torn" describes the Macintosh

Torn jeans and dusty is constantly growing, pits the dish you should never wear when to play the boyfriend. No one can deny the discerning of those jeans spectatorto. They will be the top choice for the evening lends compensate knows with friends. But when parents guy and launch for is celebration, you make "very good" with the personality and pants this way.

All grids

His parents will always look forward to their son loved being a girl presentable, conscientious and knew the family. Though you satisfies her virtues, but an outfit like the grid, you will easy to mislead parents. The costumes evoke them thinking of the girls play, missing relatives. Therefore, leave it before it's too late!

Harem pants

Harem pants (alibaba) has the advantage of helping you relaxed when standing, sitting and moving. However, when invited to rice in the family who love. It's very fashionable but not subtle. It is the feast rather than catwalk. You should choose the neat costumes, close-minded and more subtle.

Fashion bed skirts "

Two tone Halter dress da dead dead guy will get tired of the dating. However, when the guy comes home you should be a little more subtle. Don't misunderstood guy on you!

The shoes are too high, the Scorpions late

Heels help you "cheat" is his height. However, if carrying a high command shoes carried, you will not be comfortable moving and looks very much like,,, robots. And this "no eyes" parents little guy!

With the trousers the Scorpions late fashion and individuality, you will always stand out and. But in the beginning of the year with family guy, you don't want to see you guy's parents are struggling to "shield" to not be openings behind?

Crop top

Can the crop top women do crazy as sexy and trendy. But with the age as her parents guy, they would not understand her outfit, trendy that just seeing it hang open and missing relatives.=

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