The designers suggested 5 recipes to help women become fashionable and more sophisticated

Standing in front of a multitude of trends and thousands of designs and clothes, women easily fall into a state of confusion and don't know what to buy or wear. The following article will help you solve the dress problem quickly with 5 cool tips drawn from designers.

Priority for basic clothing

Even celebrities or supermodels can impress with a very elegant, luxurious look with the most basic outfits. As long as you know how to create accents and cleverly combine, you can overwhelm any gaudy outfit.

For example, the combination of never fad, jeans and T-shirts. Remember, simplicity doesn't mean boring.

Black priority

Black color is extremely powerful, charming and polite, neat. This is a very safe color for women who are confused when they do not know what color to wear, but still superfluous and impressive.

Don't forget sports shoes

This summer, a good sports shoes are indispensable accessories of sisters. In addition to the sleek, high-heeled shoes, the athletic shoes will give you a comfortable, flexible and fresh look.

They can be combined with a variety of styles, such as shorts, long pants, and short skirts.

Style up with leather jacket

It can be said that when a leather jacket can turn you from a country girl into an urban girl in a snap.

They help lift your style very quickly, and with a leather jacket, you can mix with a variety of other styles, from feminine like loose skirts, classic dresses to personality like T-shirts - jeans, shirts. mi - tight pants.

Press the smart outfit with jewelry and accessories

Jewelry can brighten you and turn into a charming queen of power in the blink of an eye. Elegant earrings, delicate necklaces and a neat, impressive bag will help you attract countless eyes, floating in the crowd.

However, keep in mind that you should abstain from wearing jewelry, don't be too greedy but wear too much because they can make you heavy and cumbersome.


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