The popular neon colored handbags 'broke switch' spring-summer 2014

handbag is indispensable fashion item for my sister. Bring on his elegant clothes not enough, add a fashionable handbag will help ...

The model featured bags with bright neon colors, eye-catching promises to conquer ladies in 2014. Design from simple, elegant to modern, still be innovative designers each day.

However, you need to know, the neon color is quite dazzling color and hard to mix. If skillfully, you will become her personality and style, but if don't know how to color mode, the weather will be extremely disturbing. Because it was too prominent so those neon colored handbag can only put next to the item, color dark or white, beige.

Neon colored handbags such as green, pink, gold has become the object of any separation of many adherents. A neon colored bags come with set map as gentle color black or white will make you stand out and extreme personality.

The neon-colored bags are manufactured with enough different designs for her have different personalities.

The striking, stylish, personality, that's what neon bags bring has made it into any of the separation.

Whatever your style of dusty streets or the Lady, neon-colored bags can also be a useful item.

Especially with those she liked the style, tone, momentum, a clutch to will help you become the center of where you come from. But a little note is to make an outfit modestly to not turn into a palette of "mobility".

The neon a to be quite a lot of public institution and favorite sister became close when items go to work.

The neon colors such as green, red is the color was my favorite fashion devotees than by the fresh and full of vitality

White dress was "small press" add by the lovely pink bags, cute but also incredibly striking.

With eye catching geometric design, the lovely bag will become noticeable accents for your outfit.

Become her "sweet candy" with romantic pink tone, tenderness, youthful clothing to handbags.

If you want to play with much the same neon colors Excel, you can mix green and Red at the same time. Guaranteed "extreme poverty".

The dazzling yellow chang will for the modern girl and personality.

Do you with neon-colored fashion bag is not difficult, as long as you know the harmonious application of the item in their lockers.

Become the focal point on the crowded street with a bag of brilliant neon colors certainly is not difficult , aren't you!=

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