The style is simple and basic of Jisoo but still attractive enough

White T-shirt + blue jeans are always beautiful

For the girls "specialized" style, white T-shirts and blue jeans are the perfect duo in any situation. Although this is inherently a nice recipe to wear, you can learn Jisoo to improve this combo with chunky sneaker and a striking bag. "Blood", you can replace T-shirts with crop top, both healthy and sexy.

The most cute and youthful is the t-shirt and short skirt

Who can criticize this recipe pale but can not deny it "love to die". Was cute then, the identical song + short skirt legs are super youthful. To "hack" an older age, try to use a cool outfit like Blair Waldorf like Jisoo.

Mix both black trees are safe and cool

I'm surprised, but I still want to "play bat character", why? Immediately copy this Jisoo black shirt + chunky sneaker formula. Can you find a combo that is fast and easy to wear and pleases your eyes like that.

Textured skirt + beret is more than enough to "live virtual"

The formula "cake" is the safest but always makes people have to rub it is a textured skirt with a cute hat. Pretty, sweet, photogenic, what more does a feminine require? That is not to mention floral skirt or plaid skirt also "standard post" to dress in the fall again.

Sometimes "cosplay" girls with skirt shirts are also pretty well known

Jisoo used to "cosplay" girls with white dress shirt + white shoes + backpack and coincidentally, this is also the perfect suggestion for girls who like simple but lovely style.

Cardigan is the almighty shirt of autumn

Jisoo's cardigan was thoroughly used in the chilly weather, from coordinating with strong loose pants to pairing with skirts. Easy to wear, easy to combine, and the outfit is pretty, this is the "dew" jacket that anyone pursuing a comfortable and simple style must also have this fall.

And of course, indispensable personality blazer

Blazer is considered one of the "nail" items of the fall and is also the basic material to make every nice outfit, no matter what style. For girls who love simple style, the blazer is even more a powerful item: the same T-shirt, halter shirt or skirt are all suitable, exuding sophistication, grooming and especially extremely attractive like when on the OOTD image.