The touches of dresses with foreign stars that Vietnamese beauties are somewhat better

"Foreign goods are always better than Vietnamese goods" is the common psychology of the majority of our netizens. Similarly, foreign talent stars externally, plus a well-developed launch pad, of course always overwhelms Vietnamese stars. However, in fashion, this idea is not always true.

Recently, stars have become more and more aware of the importance of fashion, they are learning and paying more attention to how to "map". And the sweetness for those efforts is that there are times when there is no way to be overshadowed, even overwhelmed by foreign stars in the "row" battle.

It is true that compared to beauty, talent and reputation, Phi Phuong Anh was far removed from Jennie but at least, during Chanel's lush green suit, the Vietnamese representative was not at all slack. Smart accent from accessories, makeup, hairdressing helped Phi Phuong Anh more interesting and fashionable than beautiful Jennie but too safe.

In addition to Phuong Anh fee, Chau Bui also possesses the ability to stay in front of Jennie. Same face of the latest design of Chanel again mix quite similar but clearly, people can not 100% confirmed Jennie overwhelmed the opponent.

Dependent debt between these two fashionista has not stopped, before that, they used to wear the same design. Still in the old script, Jennie chose for herself a safe plan, cut off the skirt showing off her long legs and minimalist accessories. On the contrary, Chau Bui looks pretty cool with colorful pink neon gloves and transparent plastic hats and an impressive pink lipstick.

Chau Bui not only has the ability to be "on par" but also sometimes overwhelms Kim Go Eun - Korea's famous "favorite bride". From the very high fashion hair and pressing with the big earrings, it was enough to help Chau break out more than the seniors.

Not only is the mother most willing to play showbiz, Huyen Baby also proves that she is not inferior to anyone, including foreign stars. The proof is that when she was in the same dress, she and Emma Stone could say that a nine-and-a-ten had nothing to lose.

If you lose the whole set, you have to talk about Ngo Can Ngon, from the physique, makeup and charisma that are not enough to make you lose to Huyen Baby when the same design of Dolce & Gabbana.

Lam Tam's name is much larger than Toc Tien but in fashion, the one-child mother still loses the "Tomorrow" voice. They were all dressed in Moschino's black and white suit, but looking over it, the Fairy Hair absolutely won.

Another interesting unknown of Vietnamese fashion village is Khanh Linh The Face. In addition to having a beautiful face and a beautiful shape, Linh also has a rather interesting fashion sense. Indeed, she fits very well with the image of a young Girl, especially when people see Hyeri on Hyeri when she is in the Coach's outfit.