The us officials with splendid lagoon lined up before the chest

(MissNews)-large size flowers artfully designed the dam caused many American workers become beautiful, radiant than ever, Ming Hang, Ly Nha. Ky, bar ...

LY NHA KY splendor and lovely in a folded flower with two colors, black, white

Thanh Hằng attract every look with a folded flowers impressed when is stepped out first, open the program Beautiful Fashion Runway 3.

N seductive, Bare shoulders and flashed in a folded red flowers.

Ningyang featured Jewel Orchids in the lagoon with orange flower to front of chest.

Thuy Hanh's beautiful and radiant as an intermittent with flower to front of chest.

beautiful when an yellow hugging, skewed religious role.

N the Red lagoon in rivet details floating flowers chest causing Thinketh Bong real gentle highlights.

impressed by charming beauty, alluring in a cobalt blue design of designer Hoang Minh Ha.

the youthful but equally charmed when an intermittent folded flowers.

At the Gala opening of a showroom, Sonal radiant runner when an intermittent the large bow tie in his chest, showing the entire shoulder na you are beautiful.