Trendy Beach dress as twins hot Thai girl

Nicole Kittivat and Camilla Kittivat is the pair of twins the most famous Thailand with youthful style, impressive, beautiful natural looks perfect. Two sisters also leveraged the popularity from the mother's model of the 90s grossing Thai-TamRungnapa Kittivat.

Instagram's two sisters are always updated frequently and is a top concern for passionate young fashion in Asia, make the same point through some costume they choose when traveling on the sea near here!

Both sisters Nicole and Camilla are currently the top hot girl model in Thailand.

Looks sexy, seductive and her young sister Nicole.

Slippers, sandals, shorts, shirt and a single croptop shawls to Nicole an out to sea.

Hats, glasses and overalls are the preferred attire of Nicole.

Nicole looks so gentle personality with chiffon shirt and shorts.

She skillfully combines Austria crank baggy jeans for the same dynamic afternoon cafe with friends near the beach.

Other than the youthful looks of her mischievous sister, Camilla is often chosen for its ones seem sexy charm.

Oversize shirt to reveal double foot long rattan basket, same man hypnosis please roll out the sea.

Sexy cut-out dresses.

Camilla quite fancy dress tight shoulder late the same short pants.

Xoè flowery dresses for evening walk to the sea.

Soy sauce in the ears down to the city and the evening coffee with white and Austria croptop sooc.

Some photos of both sisters, it's hard to get out where is Camilla and who is Nicole.

Two sisters to choose for themselves the same dress but the other two colors.

Photo ads for a fashion brand.

Both of her real life engraved with about the same friends.

Taking pictures with his famous mother.=