Vietnamese women have 5-star street style hot for 2014

Hồ Ngọc Hà

Topping the list of stars wearing nice, probably still is the Webster name Ha. Influence from the street style of the Queen of entertainment yet when hypothermia. Marking 10 years of singing with Jade live concert by 2014 with various sets of wings were her performances garnered the interest of the audience loved music in the country. Not just on the hot seat, on stage, even my life, Ha the Lake always know How to eat right to wear trends and fashionable. The map of her casual, simple, easy-to-mix is suggested for women if you want to dress up that fashion.


Minh Hằng

Beauty of 2014 always knew how to create new with creating styles for yourself in the direction of a mature woman, sexy , modern and trendy elements do not lack. For Reynolds, dresses minimalist direction to luxury for the wearer is always the top choice of beautiful people, add to that is the expensive handbag patterns are also used to adorn the personal style.



Probably Freak is why Encyclopedia has the most spectacular makeover step of personal fashion style. Ngoắt 360 degrees rotation from a female singer has a gu normal fashion, lack of stability, to become judges of The Voice Kid fashion fashionable style. Singer Freak "retire from" top stars wearing bad thanks to how care for the dress, hair styling, makeup, and she's a style she loves fashion right cartridge with a combination of trends, tailored fit and proper to each destination.


Hoang Thuy Linh

In 2014, street style is one of the dress was fine besides interest Free showbiz costumes performances, red carpet dresses, stars also won a lot of Free time to care for style fashion. In it, singer Thuy Linh Hoang also makes turning with about image and style is not inferior to the fashion icon with the prevailing and coordinating outfits worth learning.


The First Hair

The public is not familiar with the image of a fiery, sexy Hair First with short bob hair the same personality gu fashion. 2014 is also memorable milestones marked the return of image building and maturing in this girl. Take the socks street style is youthful and dynamic style of a girl full of energy, always First Hair how to mix match the outfit & creative and full of persuasion. With the mark about how to build the image in 2014, the hair first reviews is one of the featured Entertainment's fashionista.=


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