Watch the fashion du Xuan 'extreme' of the stars Free

Warm spring this year than any other year, that is the reason why Free xúng xính dresses down the street with enough vibrant colors and eye-catching style. Easy to find, this year's spring/summer trends are still the familiar as the cat's eye glass item, midi skirts, baggy pants ... not monochrome vignettes are preferred over both with stylish mix map layer.

Below are the most significant sights of spring travel map set stars Free warm sunny days after the lunar new year:

The hair first with two styles: sexy and elegant. Both styles are too perfectly with the "hot" items for spring summer 2015: slip dress and skin texture of midi.

Minh Hằng style with more classes than the leveled at the age of 28. However, it is undeniable that, despite wearing knitted sweater shirt, dark blazer long dark shape in the quality Department, Reynolds is still incredibly beautiful, noble.

Unveiling the Bank spent time in early spring to take advantage of new Japan style Still street style usually seen, Unveiling costumes very casual but very "modern" thanks to the way the mix map too perfect. Typical is the white chiffon shirt with round sapphires mix stock high 7 exquisite colors.

Simona as Princess charming and non silk in the intermittent crank yellow horizontal splendor.

Another day, Lady 9 x an the Chinese motifs with impressive colors.

A white lace sided karthi fur-trimmed fancy sports shoes and matching handbags pink a "teen". This style of Karthi is predicting will cause fever this spring.

Meanwhile, "Ms. Martin" Yan simple Page with Geraldine crates along the white neck sweaters and white sports shoes. You look awfully young age compared to his 30 outside.

Hoang Thuy "fraud" on the streets of New York early spring with black pants, red jacket, a black phase Earth.

Unveiling the beauty of spring with the travel back to My map not in with the denim shorts, and tube dress shirt tie clips tie checkered shift guys. However, this outfit was confident style but fad errors and how to select suitable boots for Khanh My made a set map.

Still according to wearing doesn't look like anyone but gorgeous, Miss Reza herself stature skeletal mai HAC breeze soft white silk pants with a charming mezzanine and two red wires.=