Wear swimsuits so that you can learn these beautiful people right away!

Combining 1-piece swimsuit and other fashion items to the street has never been a fault every summer. With different mixes will give different looks that each girl wants. In Vietnam, the Vietnamese beauties are quite popular with the style of mixing swimsuits to the streets, even boldly to attend the night party with the charm, sexy from the body that they are confident of.

One-piece swimsuit, also known as monokini, in addition to the beach, this is a very trendy, sexy shirt suitable for her love of liberal and modern. Point through a number of names that have received "the rain of compliments" when wearing monokini down the crowded street: Ho Ngoc Ha, Toc Tien, Khanh Linh, Jolie Nguyen . So you know how to once play big with monokini to make your society admiring?

Monokini + high waist pants

This is a recipe for clothes that brings a lot of luxury to the wearer. High leggings usually have jean or flared trousers fabric, soft silk material that has just complimented the round 3 stretches and creates a lasting effect for the wearer. Choose a glamorous makeup layout with accents from red lipstick, you become a trendy girl is not difficult.

Monokini can wear monochrome or color, depending on the preferences of each person. As Ho Ngoc Ha, she chose a colorful, tropical-oriented type to wear with bright green pants, creating an eye-catching and attractive overall. For those who have white skin like Ho Ngoc Ha, the better the choice of color, the better the skin without blemishes. The turban scarf contributes to making a nice appearance for the beautiful people.

How to play impressive colors helps long legs stand out on the street.

If you are confident with your physique, you can completely learn how to mix beautiful monokini like Ho Ngoc Ha.

Jolie Nguyen chose to mix monokini motifs with jeans to increase youthfulness.

The formula for mixing the map has a common point between Khanh Linh and Jolie Nguyen with the same monokini sample.

Monokini + shorts

This is a fashion combo that can't be missed every summer when many fashion followers. In addition to bringing dynamism, personality, the combination creates a feeling of comfort when moving and helps to cool the body, especially at the time of hot sun nearly 40 degrees like the last time. Still prioritizing high waist shorts to bring out the best aesthetic effect.

20cm short pants are probably the perfect choice for monokini for her personality, sexy.

This combination is also worn by fashion followers when going to the beach.

For those who have no acne, their backs should not be ignored by the sexy wearer like Si Thanh.

Monokini + Skirt legs

Just like combining with shorts, monokini with skirt legs brings youthfulness to the wearer. It is possible to mix with A skirt skirt leg, tennis skirt leg or body skirt are beautiful.

Monokini + skirt skirt: "unbeaten" summer recipe for sister association.