Who says office fashion is rigid, look at Korean stars in the clothes you will see completely different

Gone are the days when everyone thought that the style of office dressing was very boring, tedious, which was a shirt with high gates, and casual pants. By now, you can comfortably wear a variety of clothes, more comfortable at the company but still satisfy the elegant and sophisticated criteria. If you are still not confident in your mix & match, the good news is that you can refer to the office outfit of these Korean stars, to make sure you still look polite. And also stylish, trendy hiccups always.

One of the most popular female idol promoters of Kpop office girl style is definitely Jisoo. Black Pink beauties often wear costumes with high walls but always look modern and attractive. Most recently, she appeared in a plaid dress with bow tie details.

Recently, Jisoo had the opportunity to attend the show of Burberry fashion house in the framework of London Fashion Week. Being the eldest sister and also the first member to 'fight oddly', Jisoo's appearance is extremely anticipated by fans. Appearing at the event, Jisoo dressed in the style of a model office lady but exuded a chic demeanor that not everyone has. Wearing a checkered vest and a short skirt, Black Pink's eldest sister only let her hair naturally down and makeup lightly but still extremely shining among the international stars. Jisoo also shows off her beauty with an elegant outfit with skirt legs, a matchy vignette, creating a beautiful, luxurious look but not "over".

Sweaters and short skirts helped Jisoo transform into a fashionable office girl at the airport.

A black puffed-neck peplum blouse like Jennie is also a suggestion on her clothes and can be considered.

Although it is an airport outfit, if you apply the formula like Irene when combining T-shirts, jeans and blazer, you also have an impressive office suit!

Red Velvet Goddess repeatedly politely and politely. Looking at it, you can easily coordinate cool and shining items in the office.

Outfit does not have a revealing point but helps you to get to the dead corner of Nayeon is one of the costumes you should pin right into the notebook. A piece of the Twice team mixed a white T-shirt with high-waisted jeans, a mix of dynamic denim shirts. She only needs to wear a couple of buttons to look more outstanding, more modern than usual.

If you do not want to try the "way out" style like Nayeon, girls go to Jihyo's team when mixing short cardigan, dark jeans and blazer, and choose a red bag to set interesting, more eye-catching items. .