Winking at Ngoc Trinh, wearing a 2-wire silk dress, showed off at a casual event

On the personal facebook page, Ngoc Trinh posted pictures showing off her glamorous body when attending an event in Ho Chi Minh City to meet with Vu Khac Tiep and the beautiful orchestra Quynh Huong, Le Ha and Minh Thu . .

Participating in this event, "Queen of Internal Medicine" selected a simple turquoise halter dress with accents of sexy sexy pieces.

Watching beautiful people in Tra Vinh wearing this dress makes the other person difficult to leave his eyes.

Ngoc Trinh poses to show off a half-hearted and unkempt body.

Immediately after posting these photos, Ngoc Trinh attracted more than 14,000 likes and shares from the community.

The beauty of "Internal Queen" received much praise from fans: "Beautiful spotless"; "Talking is both cute and beautiful"; "You are beautiful like a girl 18" .

From left: beautiful orchestra consisting of long legs Ploy, Quynh Huong, Le Ha, Ngoc Trinh, Minh Thu, Tuong Vy, Hai Duong and Hoang Dung race in front of the lens.

Mr Dam, Miss Christmas My and Vu Khac Tiep were also present at the event.

Ao Dai Ploy hybrid 4 lines of Laos - Thai - Duc - Viet (blue skirt) celebrate Le Ha back after the wedding. Two beautiful people taking photos with actor - MC Tran Anh Huy.

Singer Noo Phuoc Thinh is close to Vu Khac Tiep.

Trang Tran personality with Miss Kim Kelly.