With diverse fashion styles, Misthy is beautiful and personality

Referring to one of the female streamer who resonates loudly in the gaming community at the present time, fans cannot ignore the name Misthy. Although not active in showbiz, her influence is not inferior to many other stars

.Because of her tall appearance, beautiful face and simple fashion gout, it must be said that these factors help Misthy to impress many people.

Recently, when participating in a web drama project, Misthy continued to make netizens nearly rubbish because of the "sweet" role. Not only that, fans also caught this 1995-born girl with a sweet style, "lucky news" more than in real life.

In the film, Misthy quite adorably lovely schoolgirl style but does not follow the image of "dirt cake" that is extremely trendy and stylish. The youthful overalls combined with horizontal striped T-shirts gave her 1995-born appearance an active and also "hacked figure" significantly.

The slick T-shirt combo with culottes pants is a simple but highly effective combination, helping the hot streamer to both score by looking healthy and cheating the height. Finishing the overall with a pair of colorful sneaker is enough to attract all eyes.

Misthy's costumes are often brought into the film to describe the optimism and youthfulness of the character.

Sometimes, the 9X girl also shows a simple map of a white shirt and pants to transform into an elegant office lady.

However, if you look more closely at this streamer's regular gout, many women will realize that Misthy must be a girl who loves style and quality more than that. Even many people who have met Misthy in real life have to nod and praise her impressive style of dressing.

1. Going out to the cool city

"Heart-grabbing" fans with positive energy, but Misthy on the street is the girl who loves the dark-toned outfit like black, gray . but not too prominent. And the T-shirt or hoodie is considered to be the item that she owns a series of 9X with many different variations. However, although these are simple designs, it plays a role in honoring her dynamic, youthful and quality fashion personality.

No need for fancy colors, the black set of T-shirts and layer shorts shows the creativity in the streamer's outfit. Of course, Misthy even though wearing a black costume tree did not sink in the crowd because of the support of the outstanding red cardboard sneaker.

To increase youthfulness, erase the monotonous feeling of the simple dark T-shirts, Misthy chooses shirts with vivid animated prints. Thanks to that, her image in the eyes of fans is still dynamic and full of life.

Still the shirt with vivid animated prints, but when put on her brighter colors make up her stature. With the shirt has a large form like the hoodie, Misthy will coordinate with the pants stand or hug to not make the whole become flashy.

Combining two straps with a red velvet eye-catching is the secret of coordinating clothes to help the top streamer in the village of gamers, asserting a feminine style but also full of personality.

2. Take the event to court

If you are used to a pretty, cool Misthy when walking around, watching her appear at good events on TV, you will be surprised because her style will also transform quite a lot. This is also the 9X female streamer to try more diverse and luxurious styles.

The hidden suit which Vietnamese beauties always actively promote is able to show off their long legs, which Misthy also applies perfectly. However, she chose this style in the direction of personality and a bit of a "monster" mystery.

Accordingly, the 9X streamer chooses for herself a mesh jacket combo that is a unique printing vest. Also can not ignore the prominent belt to help Misthy both showing off the waist of the ant has just raised the map.

Three colors white - black - red are harmoniously coordinated on the outfit gives her a striking appearance but not too dazzling. The way to manipulate basic items such as T-shirts, box pants and outerwear also partly shows Misthy's unique fashion personality.

The white outfit seemed simple and had no accents, but using accessories such as a belt and choker necklace, Misthy scored well because of her clever "strokes".

One of the rare times when she wore a skirt, immediately made the netizens almost rubbish because her style is both feminine and very special. The trendy set has an impressive mix of layers from mesh shirt and two-string shirt to the beautiful skirt fringes somewhat confirm the "high-handedness" in Misthy's mix match. The combination of a silver jacket makes the overall more eye-catching.