With the same dress pattern, Chi Pu and Minh Hang have different special styles

Often having to attend various big and small events or walking around the street, the "encounter" of the way and the fashion style between Vietnamese stars is inevitable. Same style and fashion sense similar, but with the combination of sophistication and special spirit, each Vietnamese star is a different color no one resembles anyone.

Behind the row of female stars, in addition to sharp, charismatic placed on the table, the ability to mix and match also shows interesting results.

Recently, Minh Hang and Chi Pu have just created a clash of attractive dresses. And with the "one nine one ten" color, who would be better off when sharing a denim skirt from Kenzo?

Chi Pu has come from the image of a bright, cute hot girl, so maybe many audiences are still unfamiliar with her style shedding, leading to mixed opinions. Some compliments Chi Pu is increasingly sexy, others think that she is trying to be sexy but not yet. But besides the usual sexy images, Chi Pu sometimes brings a very youthful feeling at the same age as the below level.

Although mixes on the summer - under the winter but undeniably, Chi Pu is very fashion 1 when wearing a top crop top with denim skirt and finished with a pair of trendy pointed boots.

The most impressive point is the way of combining 2 white tones + blue denim, making the overall outfit harmonious and cool and absolutely cool. In addition, the crop top "lady" also proved to be completely attentive with the printed denim skirt legs both feminine and dusty. In short, aside from boots that don't fit very well with summer weather, Chi Pu's recipe is worth learning and applying right away.

Owning attractive face but Minh Hang has repeatedly made regretful costume errors. But it is undeniable that she is always on the listbiz of Vietnam showbiz.

Also coordinating in white + denim blue, Minh Hang gives a different impression when mixing skirt with T-shirt and denim jacket.

There is only one thing, the denim cover is quite picky and weary and in the case of Minh Hang, the set of clothes brings a feeling of confusion. As a result, Chi Pu seems to be slightly better than the senior in this battle.

But ignoring the winner - the loser, after the clash of Minh Hang and Chi Pu, you gleaned some extra cool summer mix tips.