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At buffet restaurants, you only need to spend a certain amount of money to eat as much as you like. In fact, the buffet restaurant has many great things that make you surprised!

The light dimmed

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Light can affect the eating speed of diners. Luxury restaurants often use light to make guests feel relaxed. From there guests will want to sit longer and spend more money.

Use 'fillers'

The buffet restaurants can adjust their profits as they wish by using 'fillers'. For example, they arrange a gas-powered freshwater area in the visitor's view or free some drinks that cause 'gasiness', which makes diners fast as soon as they don't eat too much. In addition, the restaurant also eye-catching the dishes that contain many starches and grease and placed in easy-to-reach locations. As a result, customers who are attracted to these dishes will reduce the consumption of expensive items.

Delicious dishes placed in the hidden place

Buffet usually places low-cost items in the first area because most people pay attention to this area. They usually arrange very cleverly, for example, put seafood, premium beef . into the table in the table. Before you go there, you have "sipped" quite a few dishes already. This also means that you didn't really spend all the money you spent. A survey from Cornell University, USA showed that 75% of buffet customers always choose food right from the first table. And only the first 3 items accounted for 66% of what they ate on that party.

Set strange names for dishes on the menu

Tips for using strange names are the "trick" diners of many restaurants. For example, instead of calling the name "chocolate cake" too normal, the restaurant will name it on the menu "Belgian chocolate cake", which sounds much better, right?

There are always cheap items beside expensive items

The restaurant often launches very attractive ads about the buffet as you will eat delicious food without looking at the price. It is not wrong, but the most beneficial party is not the customers but the restaurants. The buffet has some expensive items such as shrimp, crab, fish . but it is also cheap as bread, soup, salad and salad, desserts . The restaurants always calculate the quantity balance between expensive and cheap items, to get the highest possible profit.

Psychological tricks

There are quite a lot of psychological skills that restaurants use to limit diners to eat expensive food when using buffet. Many restaurants also design tables and chairs or arrange sitting position not too comfortable for guests to leave earlier, because the longer the sitting, the more food consumption will be.

In addition, some buffet restaurants also provide small dishes for guests not to get much food, as well as delay the collection of dishes to reduce the feeling of "full stomach, hungry eyes" and get more items. eat but not use up.

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