Chrysanthemum, Tips for choosing beautiful and long chrysanthemum flowers

Tips for choosing beautiful and long chrysanthemum flowers

Shape: All kinds of chrysanthemums have the best wishes with many wings and overlaps so you should choose the chrysanthemum flowers that have a close fitting layer, the round spread is beautiful, no distortion and no The wings were crushed.

Pistil: You should choose flowers that have not yet fully bloomed flowers, so in the following days these flowers are kept warm in the house will continue to spread and round.

Branches and leaves: Based on your desire to flower to choose the length of branches and fresh leaves, green, not pestilent and special to mean you choose chrysanthemums with young leaves and buds .

Here are small tips to choose chrysanthemum to plug, if you buy chrysanthemum pots, you can identify as follows:

-Look at seeing flowers bloom, flower buds, flowers are about to bloom, flowers are bright. If you choose a pot, look for the branches to be uniform, big and fresh.

-Looking down at the root of the tree, there are many leaves under the feet, ie the tree is still fresh, if the wilting means that the flower tree has sun exposure. The leaf set must be green from the root to the tip, without pests.

-When choosing to buy potted flowers must choose healthy plants with vitality, not broken buds.

After choosing a flower pot like that, please remember to water the flower pot.