Electricity bill skyrocketed: Experts point out 8 mistakes that both cause danger and consume electricity

Besides consuming electricity, using household electrical appliances in the wrong way also exposes many risks to family members.

Always plug in appliances with timer mode

Microwave ovens, ovens or rice cookers . household appliances that use timer mode, these devices will automatically stop when the power is turned off completely and there is no danger. This thought is completely misleading because even when the installation time expires, the device does not disconnect power completely, the power consumption is still quite large when maintaining the mode.

Use electric wires and electrical appliances too . cheap

The most important thing to ensure electrical safety is the quality of the wire. Because of the low price, many people choose too cheap wire, from places where quality is not guaranteed.

The use of a poor quality power cord can increase the risk of electrical leakage, short-circuit, short circuit. The consequence is light, causing other electrical equipment to be damaged and heavy, causing fire and even human damage.

Similarly, poor quality electrical equipment will not ensure safety, increasing the risk of electric accidents.

Besides, it is important to remember that if you are not knowledgeable about electricity, never connect yourself. It is better to leave this to electrical engineers, because incorrect wiring or failure to ensure safety procedures when connecting power can also have the same consequences as when using "looming" wires.

Picture 1 of Electricity bill skyrocketed: Experts point out 8 mistakes that both cause danger and consume electricity

Picture 1 of Electricity bill skyrocketed: Experts point out 8 mistakes that both cause danger and consume electricity

Wiring the wire the wrong way

Many people believe that it is safe to just wrap the wire with insulating tape, but unfortunately, this is not enough.

Heavy winding can cause the core to not escape heat, causing thermal overload and short-circuit. Moreover, good quality electrical wires, which have insulating rubber housings, are very good, so it is not necessary to wrap the insulation tape.

Similarly, it is also necessary to secure space for electrical equipment such as computers, TVs . to help them escape heat quickly, avoiding overloading.

Always plug in the computer charger

Many people have a habit of using a desktop computer or laptop that is always plugged in and plugged in, even if they are not used. Such plugged-in charging power has caused computers and laptops to consume electricity quite badly, averaging over time, laptops still consume 96W of electricity per day.

Compared to the standby mode, the laptop will consume about 1.5 electricity costs compared to normal, so unplug it from the power supply, only plug the charger when the device really runs out of battery.

Do not disconnect the TV power

Although it has been turned off the TV without using them all day, but despite being turned off but not disconnecting the TV power, the TV still consumes 24W per day. Another thing is that when the TV's power is not disconnected, many parts of the TV component still have to work, causing wear and tear and causing the TV to fail faster.

Always plug in the phone charger

In today's family, mobile phones are indispensable, the larger the family, the more mobile devices are. Accompanying it is the indispensable phone chargers, but for many users it is customary to plug in the charger without unplugging it from the power outlet even without charging.

According to statistics on the power consumption of phone chargers, they can consume up to 1.2W per day when plugged in continuously without charging. In addition, the charger plugged in continuously will cause rapid heating, when used to charge the battery is very easy to affect the risk of fire and explosion due to overheating.

Turn off the air conditioner by control

Normally, air conditioning is a device that consumes a lot of power, but many users still do not know that this device still consumes a significant amount of power after being turned off by the controller. On average, if turned off by control, the air conditioner will remain in standby mode and consume a significant amount of power, equivalent to a light bulb.

The advice of experts is that users should completely disconnect the power after use. This not only means saving electricity, but also helps the device maintain its durability and longer service life.

Turn off the wifi transmitter at night

With the development of technology, wifi transmitters are becoming indispensable devices in families. They are usually turned on 24 hours, but few are concerned that these devices are consuming a lot of energy.

A wifi transmitter consumes from 2W-20W. Taking an average power consumption of 6W, so, if turned on all day for 1 year, this device will consume about 368 kWh. Multiplying by the average domestic electricity price of VND 1,500 / kWh, it is necessary to pay more than VND 550,000 of electricity.

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