Fill the tank with fuel - a fatal mistake that makes you pickpocketed without even knowing it

Skip the habit of filling up the tank

When the gas tank is full, the money you are "pickpocket" will be more than normal.

The reason is that gas stations will use automatic pump triggers with reverse gasoline suction mechanism. When filling up and reach the edge of the pump nozzle, it will interrupt the refilling operation to prevent overflow. That way, you have lost some gasoline without even knowing it.

Do not refuel with money

Most Vietnamese have the habit of refueling with a fixed amount such as 30,000, 50,000 . They think this is a way to save time, easy to pay, without waiting. However, this way will create good conditions for petrol station employees to cheat due to the "jump in money" phenomenon that sometimes customers do not know. Programs on gasoline pumps are sophisticatedly programmed to reduce the amount of fuel injected into the tank and the money still "jumps" properly, causing customer losses.

You should get into the habit of filling gasoline as 1 liter, 2 liter .

Should refill when there are still 1/2 cylinders

When the flow of gasoline into the tank is fast, strong, the gasoline will expand more. If the fuel tank is almost empty, the flow of gasoline flows down with greater pressure causing the gasoline to expand the volume, the amount of fuel injected will be less.

When the fuel is half full, the distance from the fuel hose to the remaining gas is reduced, the pressure in the fuel tank is not as much as when the tank is exhausted, the gasoline does not expand.

Should pour gas in the morning

Due to its expansion characteristics depending on the temperature, the best time to refuel is in the morning. In the early morning, the weather is cool, gasoline shrinks, decreases in volume, so it is beneficial to fill up at this time.

In contrast, when the weather is hot, we pay for 10 liters of gasoline but can only receive 9.5 liters, the rest is only slightly vapor.

Note the tricks of the salesman

When filling up, you should carefully watch the apple of the salesperson. Make sure the meter on the gas station reaches zero before pumping to avoid being cheated.

For gas stations with 2 employees, 1 person pouring, 1 person dialing, you should be careful. Many cases of fraud involving this issue have been exposed.

A useful little experience that you can apply is to follow the taxi driver. Refuel at places where taxis are concentrated. With long experience in the profession, they will know where to pour good gasoline, less fraud.