His choice of delicious, sweet and beautiful na

Result na not only have high nutritional value, but also the use of detoxification. But to be able to make the most use of them you need to know how to skillfully choose for themselves the most delicious and nutritious fruit.

His choice of delicious, sweet and beautiful na.

Result na nine delicious taste special, aromatic, sweet and soft flesh, most delicious na dai. Na nine is preferred with the effect of nutritious, very good for the elderly, the sick and the new women after birth.

Each year just for harvest once in August. Na had nine seasons and has "now", the morning wake up to see the fruit of that afternoon to the Green Left na na was "open eyes", harvest time is short, lasting just over na 1, should that new found have few results na been brought to market was again running out of season. Many people do not busy enjoy tastes of the fruit this season can't help but pity now wait na seasons na next year.

How to differentiate the types of na

In the North, na be classified into two types of na dai and na by based on the characteristics of the result (the link between the time zone with the shell and between time zones together).

Na dai has the advantage of fresh food, to be long, not easy, easy skinned, time zones coming under easy-to-remove out of the pit of na and dai also than the time zone.

Result na dai have soft shells, blue, white meat less seeds. In addition, na dai was preferred by the fragrance and sweetness featured shades than na.

The District of Chi lang (lang son) is considered the greatest "na granary" of the country, where the planted area has 2 na: na by Town Council in the area of the mine and na dai Dong Banh area.

In the South there is the dai custard also known as custard (custard Vung Tau). Custard dai, fleshy, thin crust, sweet and seed at least than the other custard type. The resulting custard level has shaggy bark, irregular time zone, not a Berry, but sweet and fragrant taste.

Selecting result na delicious

Select result ivory white not big spikes penetrating black and chapped.

Select result ivory white not big spikes penetrating black and chapped.

You should choose the result rounded eyes, white skin, blue eyes, initiatives, non, pedicel, nine software cracking.

Select the result metal thin, flat, slightly cracked and bloom eye but still stalk, which is the bridge plate to the chin, and eat the sweet and aromatic.=