His delicious cooking than every thanks to green tea leaves

not only is the kind of good drinking water for health and quite familiar to people that green tea is also extremely useful in the kitchen for the mother, mother ...

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His delicious cooking than every thanks to green tea leaves.

Cleaning feed

Fishy smell of fish and seafood will be completely eliminated when you use tea to steamed food. Accordingly, you put a pinch of dried tea into the pot of boiling cooking water, then to feed on cleaning such as rice, fish, seafood, vegetables, or put a few fresh tea leaves on her fish before cleaning.


The food was cooked, when pitching out of disks can sprinkle little flour onto the green tea to create a fragrance for the dish, or stir melted green tea powder to the sauce for homemade coleslaw is also quite attractive.

Marinated grilled

The components in tea helps reduce substance caused cancer from burnt black meat, it also helps to soften the meat and make the taste more appealing. That is the reason the tea normally used in the baking dish. You make tea with boiling water, cold wait for on the meat along with other spices.

Fried dishes and roast

Want the fried dishes or roast taste characteristics, you heat the oil and add the tea leaves into the Eliminator, when tea leaves turning to darker then picked out and then for other foods into frying or roasting.

Marinated with food is dry tea

A combination of dry teas that you love along with salt or chili powder to marinated pork or cow types will stimulate your taste buds so much, which made the dish "expensive".

With doing this you use baseball and mortars for pounding crushed tea leaves have been dried, for in a jar sealed to preserve and use. The Spice mixture is also suitable to laced marinated for barbeque.=

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