How to buy delicious pork

With the mother choose pork below the housewives easily choose delicious meat without chemicals.

Pork meat infected

When buying pork if you find pork meat with red skin and meat than usual, or having hematoma, it is the pig that died from the disease. When you press your finger on the piece of meat, you will see that the flesh is not firm, elastic like good meat and smelling the smell of meat will see the unpleasant smell of the medicine.

Many other pigs died on the flesh and there were white spots or dark red meat due to bleeding.

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Pork meat is dark red and less firm

Pork with borax

According to the advice of pork nutritionists when it comes to solder, the meat is usually dry and hard without a beautiful red color like normal pork. When you hold the piece of meat you will see no elasticity and no stickiness.

When processing the meat containing the borax, cut the piece of meat with the borax, it will see the pasty, ooze and smell not fresh to normal, when washing, the meat will turn to pale color, fishy smell because of the color of pig pig .

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Delicious pork with bright red meat has good elasticity

Pork has lean substance

When you go to the market to buy pork if you see pork with lean chemicals often will have unusual stretch skin, the fat layer in the piece is usually very little. When you touch the sensation of being pumpkin inside, the subcutaneous fat layer is very thin, loose, when slicing the meat is not as sure as normal meat

In addition, when choosing, you can be observant to see that the lean meat of lean meat is easily separated between lean and fat, unusually red, when eating is usually very dry, does not smell natural meat.

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