How to choose durian delicious, a little grain rice, just glance at it also know

The shape of durian fruit

Many people often prefer to choose durian with a large, well-rounded shape. However, according to the experience of the gardeners, the distorted durian, slightly bad outside often less damaged and more delicious.

When buying durian, it doesn't matter how big or small it is, it is important to pay attention to the waist that has to be swollen evenly, not crooked, evenly segmented (the long, nearly equal lines). When buying, you should get the fruit with a slightly cracked, fragrant outer skin because these are old and ripe fruits. Should not choose the durian too round, never divided into zones, hard outer shell.

Check for thorns of durian fruit

To buy delicious durian, pay attention to the spines on the fruit.

Durian spines are also much stiffer and sparse than the young ones.

The fruits have large spines, are uniform, hard but slightly rounded but not pointed and tiny and ripe. You can squeeze the thorns together with your hand. If you see the thorns, not joined together, then the fruit is old; and soft spines are juveniles or juices, eaten will be awkward and not sweet.

Tap on the shell

When picked up durian fruit feel heavier than the outside, the fruit is not delicious, the inside may be embarrassed.

When tapping on durian bark, it sounds like a beep or a bag, it is a delicious fruit, thick rice and shrimps. If you tap on the fruit and hear a sound, the fruit will have large seeds.

The color of durian fruit

Durian fruit has a moss green hue or moss green, will have a yellowish-yellow rice and light brown rice.

Durian tastes best 2-3 days after harvest.

Observe the durian stalk

When buying you should not choose fruits with stalks too withered because the fruit has certainly been long.

If the stalk is hard, still fresh, the fruit is old, well-cooked and delicious.

The durian has been harvested for a long time, the first part is twisted, but the seller cuts it off to look like a freshly picked durian.

Observe how to separate durian

Old, ripe durian pods will split on their own. The seller only needs to use a softly opened baton to get the rice.

Young pods will take more effort to peel. The seller should be observed when separating durian zone. If you see that, you should not buy it.


Old ripe durian fruits will have a natural, very strong and characteristic aroma that can be smelled from afar. If you find the fruit is not fragrant, it can be durian or chemical soaked.