How to preserve food on new year fresh always

the upcoming Lunar New year, the mother Did stay in the tip below to preserve vegetables are always fresh and safe for the whole family to use., food, dish, preserving ...

Picture 1 of How to preserve food on new year fresh always

Picture 1 of How to preserve food on new year fresh always

How to preserve food on new year fresh always.


The paper thin socks pants broken, scratched, torn will become useful for preserving food . Use the paper forced all pants knotted back each of the onion, then hang in a dry, cool place. With this maintenance, you can keep them in August, which unfortunately no longer the paper being wasted all pants anymore.

Green onions

Green onions is the aromatic vegetables are used extensively in cooking. It is also easy to put food, boots, droopy. However, there is a way to preserve scallions very effective help you not lose the go shopping, also does not take a lot of time in the preparation of the raw materials for cooking anymore, making cooking faster and easier.

You wash the scallions, to really drained, cut out and put in the plastic bottles, to prevent the ice will help preserve are quite long and very convenient.

The aromatic vegetables, vegetable seasoning

With the type of food , you rinse, drain, mix with olive oil and then made into stone tablets will retain the fragrance and essential oils better, turning back to the user. Moreover, the remaining olive oil is good for eating healthy, than conventional cooking oil that you use.

Cauliflower, celery and ray salads

Wrap green cauliflower, celery and spinach salads on banknotes before taking off into the refrigerator. This way will keep them fresher.


How to preserve tomatoes out stars depends on tomatoes unripe, have just nine to nine-or too

With unripe tomatoes, so to get the knob down to the paper or paperboard carton until they ripen red. Want them faster to nine next to the fruits.

The tomatoes were ripe and then get at room temperature, avoid direct sunlight, avoid it servers on each other nipples, tomato on top. Or you can also conserve in the fridge but not stacked, avoid slamming.

With the tomato overcooked and then store in the refrigerator, will keep adding 1-2 days.=