Misconceptions about heat-cool fruits

in the summer, though very fond of eating such as fabric, label, pineapple, plum ... the song many sisters do not dare buy for fear of heat. The fact of the hot fruit or not?, fruit, ...

Ms. Vy (in the Song Dynasty, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi) for every meal or fabric, or jackfruit, hot phừng, phừng you see people eating more is the next morning pimples. Therefore, the fabric was quickly she listed the types of result "hot", should be avoided as far as in the summer.

Picture 1 of Misconceptions about heat-cool fruits Photo 1 of Misconceptions about heat-cool fruits

Many people think that the fabric is hot.

Also learn about the types of results, cool song for family, Ms. Ha (Haiphong) is very uncertain when there are many different information. She said: "such as pineapple, someone said to eat pineapple cool song and another said the hot pineapple, watermelon, too.

So, I don't know should choose how to buy because of the hot summer, I choose to buy most of the fruit is not because of that because the effect of them more ".

Many people think that the fabric is hot. But essentially unfounded classified hot-cool fruit.

Answer about this problem, Ths.Bs. Le Thi Hai-Director of counseling Center of nutrition-National Institute of nutrition said the fact no fruit hot or cool. That's just the folk concept. The only fruit classified two types a lot of sugar and low in sugar.

The fruits high in sugar is sweet fruits like mango, lychee, jackfruit, label ... Fruit low in sugar such as grapefruit, Orange, thanh long, ... Customized by freshness, diseases should eat the proper fruits.

For example, people with diabetes mellitus, Overweight obesity should only eat fruits low in sugar. In contrast, skinny people want to gain weight, you should eat fruits high in sugar.

However, the naval doctors also recommended, should not eat too many sweets.

The fruit is one of the four groups of nutrients needed by the body every day, not only is a source of vitamins and minerals do not get lost in the cooking process, the fruit also give the body more fiber, created the "reflective" slow the process of sugar absorption into the blood , prevent obesity, Dyslipidemia, diabetes.

However, many people now eat less or even not bear fruit.

Explanation of the cause of ingrown pimples, chrome ran after eating some fruits, Ms. Hai said: "it may be because the individual rather than by eating the fruit of that which causes hot in person should do pimples, chrome ran.

Picture 2 of Misconceptions about heat-cool fruits Photo 2 of Misconceptions about heat-cool fruits

What kind of results much the way when in the body increases the amount of sugar in the blood.

What kind of results much the way when in the body increases the amount of sugar in the blood, becoming favorable environment for the bacteria (Staphylococcus, Streptococcus) on the skin develop so easily cause skin diseases such as pimples, chrome ran ".

Should eat fruit?

"Many concept should not eat fruit after you eat by will cause harm to the body but according to me this is not true. Can eat fruit at any time depending on the nutritional status of each person, "Ms. Hai said.

Ms. Hai for example, obese and overweight people should eat the fruit before meals to reduce the amount of rice, food. But for those who are malnourished, weak, eating less should not, because eating fruits before eating reduces the appetite in the main meal, it is better to just eat fruit into snacks.

She recommended that Navy as well as any kind of food we should eat only fruit in moderate amounts, the dosage fit adults, about 300gram/day.

In addition, you should eat a variety of fruits to provide adequate vitamins and minerals for the body.=

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