Preserving meat in this refrigerator for a long time is still fresh and safe

Because each different food will have different storage times, so to ensure hygiene you need to know this.

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Keep the refrigerator temperature most appropriate

Want to preserve the meat in the refrigerator you have to adjust the temperature of the refrigerator to suit each type of food. And do not let the temperature too cold will cause food to freeze, or the temperature is not cold enough to cause bacteria to multiply and decompose food.

Remember that the most appropriate temperature for the refrigerator compartment is about 2 degrees Celsius, and on the freezer, you should adjust the temperature to minus 25 degrees Celsius.

If you put too much meat in the freezer at the same time, keep the temperature at a lower level, making the chiller work continuously and quickly.

Remember food storage time

Because each different food will have different storage times. Therefore, if left longer, they will be damaged or lose all the nutrients. When eating you will not be able to feel the smell or taste of this food.

So knowing the preservation time of each type of meat is the key to preserving meat in the refrigerator.

You just need to remember that most of the fresh foods that are not contaminated and washed before being put in the refrigerator will preserve an average of 4 to 6 days in the cool compartment. But it can keep up to several months in the freezer at the right temperature and continuously cooled. However, depending on the type of food, the storage time is different.

In case of processed meats, it can be kept for about 1 month if left on the freezer.

In addition, when putting fresh meats in storage, you should keep in mind that there must be a spacing between meat bags so that cold air can cool the meat evenly. And should not reserve too much will cause the refrigerator to overload, affecting the cooling and storage of food.

Do not store cooked meat for too long

Although cooked and you want to preserve cooked meat in the refrigerator, you should not leave it for too long, so use it all for meals during the day. Or if it is for 5 hours at most, then it should not be used after that time, because if the bacteria stay for too long the bacteria will multiply, causing toxins.

Principle of arranging food in the refrigerator

- Do not put too many boxes to easily damage food.

- Do not leave raw and cooked food side by side, so put cooked food in the upper compartment, food that lives in the lower compartment.

- Vegetables and fruits should not be stacked side by side but you need to leave vegetables in the highest temperature in the cupboard (vegetable compartment for cabinets designed to prevent functions, or the bottom compartment for common cabinets) ), because the optimal temperature for preserving vegetables is 10 degrees C.

- Do not leave the eggs in the egg trays on the cabinet because this is a location with a higher temperature than other places in the cupboard.

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