Remove some of the garlic in the house and you can clear the ants in an instant, one never comes back


Garlic is also one of the familiar and available spices that help you scare off ants. Just peel one or two fresh garlic cloves and place them near the place where ants appear. You will see that there is an invisible force field that deflects off the normal route and makes them run away.


Vinegar is the most useful natural solution that many people love to help ward off ants. Like chalk, the effect of vinegar is to damage the olfactory bulb and destroy the pheromone of ants.

Ants are very afraid of garlic smell

Lemon chased ants

Get rid of ants in the garden, on the yard and the lemon floor. Ants are very afraid of lemon, so they will leave quickly if you put lemon juice on them.

Use orange peel

If you don't like the smell of vinegar, the orange scent is a great alternative. You put orange peels with some water into the blender into a paste, then use this mixture to spread to the ant nest or the ants, they will not dare to show their face out of the nest when they see the scent of orange peel.

Help chasing ants


Another safe solution can help you chase away uninvited guests, which is the mint flavor. Ants don't like peppermint smells, perhaps because they interfere with their ability to communicate with pheromone signs. You can choose to grow this herb around your home, not only to help prevent ants but also all kinds. other pests.

Repel ants by pepper

Ants are afraid of pepper, just sprinkle some pepper on the kitchen shelf or places where ants live, you will quickly see them dissolve. Now disband their teams.

Lemon juice helps chase ants

Kill ants with corn flour

Corn flour is a food that ants are quite "interesting" in, but in reality ants are not digestible, meaning it will die after eating corn flour. Thus, this material not only works to make ants 'run away' but even destroy ants effectively.


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