Share 5 ways to remove stains on clothes

Clothes when you stick with grease, ink, or lipstick stains ... you just need to use the tips below the stain will disappear immediately.

Use lighters to remove oil from food

For housewives when cooking, getting oil fired on clothes is a regular thing. You can easily clean greasy clothes by using lighters in the following way:

Put some liquid in the lighter on the spot where the oil has been eaten to evaporate, you can repeat it several times until the stain is 'not winged'. Don't forget to wash your shirt with clean water.

Remove the lipstick with bread crumbs

The stain of lipstick when left on clothes you can clean them easily with bread intestines or soft breads by curling and rubbing on the stain.

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Lemon helps to remove all yellow stains

Do this when you discover lipstick stains on clothes as soon as possible. Then, taking clothes to wash like normal lipstick stains will disappear like never before.

Use water to wipe off the ink

The ink on the clothes is always the housewife's hated enemy. But if you quickly handle them by using glass cleaner, your clothes will be as white as new.

Spray the glass with water on the ink and leave it for 5 minutes, then wash it again with soap as usual. Your clothes will be as white as new.

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Bread removing lipstick stains

Use lemon to remove stains

Fresh lemon juice has an acid content so it can clean all stains as well as yellow stains become white. You can soak dirty clothes in a filter of water and lemon.

Soak your clothes for 30 to 60 minutes and then wash the laundry as normal clothes will be pure white.

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