Super simple recipes to eliminate odors from pig meat

Pork is the kind of food that my sisters turning on or buying food for the family moment. Sometimes we will buy is the meat of the piece of meat smell, please apply the simplest way to eliminate this smell!

Meat and pig bones

Super simple recipes to eliminate odors from pork.

Usually, the healthy pigs, are breeding "clean" meat will be very aromatic and tasty. However, the market today selling spills the pigs are fed by thank you gain so pork is often smelly.

If the buy is kind of meat or bones, boil in boiling water for about 3 minutes and then rinsed poured away, rinse the meat pieces or new bone further processing into other dishes.

Or when cooking for the meat into 3-5 straw, after boiling boil a few minutes, then remove to drain, then continue processing the dish, the meat will no longer smell anymore and the delicious food will.

When do we boil meat on meat for a pounding, slamming into onion will help to eliminate odors. In addition, after the boil meat, sisters can give added a few drops of white wine and then remove to drain, the meat will no longer smell anymore and the delicious food will. The patented foam often help clean meat

Also if you want to keep the piece of meat to be white after picked up and to the outside atmosphere then please:

Cooking pot in which for a little vinegar and a little salt, boiling water, then wait for the meat. To boil about 3 minutes, then pour off the water and rinse the meat pieces to clean.

Or yours back another pot of boiling water and let boil until cooked meat after meat did over boiling water.

To see or not cooked meat is simple, you just need to skewer the chopstick through the pieces of meat and if not find the pink water flowing out from pieces of meat, the meat that is already ripe.

Pig kidneys

Cut the kidney result in two lengthwise, meat Thai knife grease the inside of Lang for the kidney to clean smell. Rinse pork kidneys with bit of cold water mixed with salt, then for the kidney has rinse in cold water with little brass salt and ginger to create a crispy and deodorizing effect (you can replace the wine and vinegar with ginger, okay), soak about 10 minutes and then remove to drain. At this time you can leave the kidney to boil berries or sliced thin have just eaten to fry, to cook.

With the way super simple and easy to do, please apply now to eliminate odors from offensive meat as well as loss of taste and attractiveness of this popular dish!=