Super useful tips from breast milk for housewife

Milk is a wonderful product that helps bone health, making your skin smooth, bright, teeth and muscles are strengthened. There are many benefits from the milk you might not know, though taking it every day. Not only that the housewife can also use the milk into the clean, polished tools extremely good family, you refer to apply to your family!

Super useful tips from the milk for the homemaker.

Remove ink stains on clothes

To clean the ink stains on clothes, just soaking milk pots and in to the night. The next morning, you're washing with SOAP as normal and the ink stains will disappear altogether.

Silver light

Matte Silver tarnish look like new thanks to the help of the little fermented milk. If you are not available, yogurt can add a few drops of vinegar into the milk. Then, simply soak silverware in milk about half to the stain color fade sỉn and then rinse with warm soapy water and wipe with a soft cloth.

Clean, shiny leather

Make your leather shoes or purse looks like new, just beat it gently with a little milk, to dry and wipe with a soft towel.

Clean and dirty hands soft

You've just gardening or food processing and hands full of dirty plastic. Washing with SOAP may not clean, you can try this: mix consisting of oatmeal and milk, rub onto the hand. The stains will disappear, oatmeal-milk mixture will soften and soothe the skin of your hands.

Soothe cuts sunburn and insect bites

If your skin feels irritated because of long Sun burn or itch, hurt by insect bites, try using a little DAB of milk up to soothe. Mix one part flour with two parts milk with water and add a little salt. DAB the mixture onto the stain sunburns or insect stings. The enzymes contained in milk powder will help neutralize the venom of insect bites and relieve pain caused by sunburn.=

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