The food is 'banned' is not to the fridge


Should not put into the cold compartment to avoid deplete antioxidants in watermelon.

Can to in the cold if the watermelon is not yet cut, did all the fruit. But if had been cut then best not should be included in the cold compartment to avoid deplete antioxidants in watermelon.


Many people prefer to store all the coffee in the refrigerator. But that's not so. First, the low temperatures adversely affect the quality and taste of the coffee, Monday, other products could be haunted the smell of coffee.


Honey is a natural preservative that does not need to keep fresh by freezing. By honey contains fructose and glucose should be when cold, honey will crystallize in sugar which makes it thicker. This will make it difficult for the consumption when needed.

Smoked Hock

Smoked leg should also not to cold, because making that fat amount freeze, leading to the hard meat or left out.


This is also the food should not be stored in the refrigerator. Problem in that when the temperature from 7 degrees C, potato starch is converted to sugar. The result is that the State and the flavor of the potato will change the trend is not good. The best way is to put the potatoes into a paper bag and put it in place without sunlight.


In fact, keep in the fridge the taste of tomatoes bad trend changes.

Food or placed in the refrigerator, because people fear that they will be corrupted and rotten. In fact, when kept in refrigerator tomato flavors change according to a bad trend. Fruits like warm, so keep them in room temperature conditions, but not to exposure to direct sunlight.

Oil, grease

The storage of cooking oil in the refrigeration compartments, reducing temperature causes oil layer becomes thick like butter, which causes difficulty in the process used when cooking because it takes a long time for them to dissolve into the liquid.

Hflexible West

In the refrigerator, the onion will be rotten because of the wet and the lack of air circulation. Better to stay in cool place, avoiding sunlight, because in addition to the light taste of it is changed. Should not keep onions next to a potato, because moisture and gases do potatoes created to promote the quick decay.


This food is often not tolerant.

This food is often not tolerant. Can keep garlic in two or three months at any place would dry. However, the need to ensure ventilation to help the garlic from being rotten.=