The genuine blender will be broken immediately if the housewife breaks the following errors

Do not cut food into small pieces

Before grinding, cut the food into small pieces (about 2-3 cm) so that the blender can work better, more efficiently, the blade will also be more damaged.

Grind liquid food first, dry food later

When you need to grind many types of food at the same time, grind the liquid first, then put dry food in the back.

Never allow hot liquids into the blender, let it cool before you process it. For warm food, remove the small cap when you start grinding to clear the bowl.

In dry food, while grinding, you need to stop the machine occasionally, using chopsticks (attached to the machine) to push the food to the bottom of the mill, and then continue grinding.

l Always remember to remove hard seed from the fruit, remove the bone from the meat before grinding

Be sure to remove the hard seed from the fruit and remove the bone from the meat, as this hard seed and bone can damage the blade. At the same time, when grinding is finished, the solution will not be smooth.

Choose a machine with an iron or metal anti-rust blade

When choosing to buy a blender, you should pay attention to buying a machine with an iron or metal anti-rust blade. If you choose plastic or glass containers, it must ensure that you can withstand good heat and force.

Pour out of food out of the maximum level of the machine

Do not operate the machine when there is no food or water in the mill. Do not remove the blender cover until the tool stops rotating completely. Do not grind continuously for more than 30 seconds. Leave the machine for a few minutes and then use it again, especially when it is hot.

These foods are not suitable for using blender

These foods include fiber-rich foods, hard-frozen fruits, nuts, dried tomatoes, and potatoes, which can affect the blade of the machine, and ruin the taste of the dish.