Tip for the kitchen-make sure the woman must know

As the women you need to have the tip to kitchen work became more compact and simpler.

Tips for saving water

-Always lock the water when not in use: Are tips to help save water the most efficient but not everyone did. Have these habits do you waste that is "lost". There are many housewives complained that key or forget the forgotten water courses, and even forgot to turn off the stove when not in use. So how to have the best memory?

Each time when water use is complete you should have routine turn faucets on. After every day lock tap avoid sausages rust causing waste. If you forget to make a paste the paper reminded the on tap water. In addition, the water locked when not in use as well as tips on water use efficiency savings you should perform regularly.

-Use just enough amount of water necessary: When you wash vegetables or wash the rice or do anything. Let's screw just enough amount of water needed to flush out too much, don't make waste. Sometimes you can save water by reusing water source. For example, after you wash the rice is finished, don't pour the water wash the rice go that keep to wash vegetables or other foods. Or when shampooing, you retain water shampoo washing hands or feet to dry the clothes.

Even in cooking, you can also perform simple water saving tips that effectively as boiled meat after finished you can use it to boil water or Cook vegetable broth. Just had the dish delicious, nutritious while saving water, really simple right?

How to defrost meat

When thawing meat in the fridge, pour a little more vinegar over it, it not only softens the flesh but also decrease the freezing temperatures and therefore make it melt faster.

Preserving spices avoid moldy

Sugar jars:

-To the road not be clumping, please drop a slice of Apple, bread or earthenware jars on the road to gold.

-When the bottle the way there: You use a stick or knife put in the sugar ants, jugs will beef up elsewhere.

Salt: When you drop a few grains of rice in a jar of salt, rice likely will not be hygroscopic salt caused clumping.

Cooking oil: You can't pour the cooking oil to go each time when a fried dish any because of economic conditions. You heat the oil and drop in a couple slices of fresh ginger. Ginger will help eliminate odor.

Cleaning cast iron pans

To clean a cast iron frying pan, do not use detergents or abrasive brush pot to the surface of the pan. Instead, use a clean paper towel to rub salt onto the Pan then rinse.=


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