Tip hit the dirt flying microwave with lemon

this is how very simple hygiene, environmental friendly but extremely effective. microwave tips, lemon, stains, cleaning, housekeeping ...

What you need are:

+ 1 lemon

+ Bowl or Cup for construction use in the microwave

+ Towels, sponge ... etc.

How to do:

-Take the water about half a Cup.

-Double Tonic lemon juice squeezed into the Cup holder and then drop the Peel into it.

-Put the Cup holder on the microwave. Install high power for 3 minutes with time enough to do the boiling water.

-When the microwave turns off in 3 minutes, you leave so (do not open the microwave) add 5 more minutes. The steam will soften sticking dirt in oven.

-Open the door, grab the Cup stay out, lest the attention burns. Pick up the glass turntable out to clean the toilet.

-Towel wipe the inside of the microwave, wipe the door respectively.

-It is on the ceiling.

-Followed by two side and finally to the section under the floor of the microwave.

-If the stubborn stains, lightly dip a towel in the corner you solution of lemon juice and rub clean.

This tip is based on the mechanism when the water is heated in the microwave, it will boil and steam condensation on the surface of the inside edge of the oven helps soften the food stain adhesion. Lemon juice is a natural, environment friendly, so all you have to do is just use a towel to wipe everything.=

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