Tip to identify chicken and pumps water and yellow dye

the chicken was very popular, but today's sellers often use yellow dye and water pump, how to know?, chicken, tip, tips ...

Chicken is the food very easy processing, so the housewives often choose to purchase but very chicken or chicken yellow dye and water pumps to increase the weight as well as in the membrane than fat.

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Today because of profits, the seller typically pump and stained for chicken.

After chickens are dyed with chemicals that the nursery yellow, attractive buyers. She housewife would not crystallize easily mistaken. To distinguish the yellow chicken by staining with normal yellow chicken you can base it on fat inside the chicken. If the Golden chicken fat white back then surely that is the chicken which was chemical staining.

Because usually, people dip the whole chicken (no surgery) before selling, so the parts inside the chicken will not turn.

The water pump is a section increases the weight of the chicken seller. So the housewives that need attention: when buying please reverse slope chickens up, if you see it, you strain it has been pumping water.

The thighs and the keel is often the two positions are typically most pumps. The chickens are soaked apart, wings, laid down the stretch; fiber thickness, to; lightly on chicken pieces, see flare nhùng and paste.

Dye chemical toxic products if the chicken was loaned for the food, and the water pumped into the chicken is usually with the weld had been banned from use in foods. If the purchase is one of two types of chicken on will be very harmful for the health.

So, the homemaker when she went to buy chickens in markets please be careful. When choosing to buy ready-made chicken should choose the chicken meat, natural colors, tastes normal. Should choose the pale yellow, when touching the chicken being the color stick out your hand.

Selecting the tasty chicken:

Chicken skin color

You select the natural pale yellow, bold gold only in a few places such as: memories, wings, back, and my cock would bold yellow skin, yellow are then so may have been dyed iron powder.

Chicken skin thickness

The skin of the chicken we thin rather than thick as chicken industry, soft, smooth skin, small pores and have a high elasticity. In particular, never select the child has bruises and hematoma on the skin, black skin, smelling strongly stain human Oh or the smell of antibiotics because it is the chickens have been dying for a long time or sick chickens.=

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