Tip When processing vegetables with her mother should know

If the ownership or the tips below will help you to feel real easy when Peel vegetables as well as help for the housewife much simpler.

Please have the recipes when cooking to work become more simple.

-Thai cauliflower extremely simple, you split cauliflower into 4 parts, then the stalk away and ripped sup suspended out is done.

-Want to keep beautiful for white cotton, when Cook should not pick aluminum or iron pot type (sulphur compound will react with the aluminum and white broccoli makes switch to yellow), you can give a little sugar, lemon or vinegar or milk into the pot.

-How to act without being Spicy Thai eyes? Before the Crown, you remember wet Thai knife, a small but very effective tips.

-With ginger root, once washed, you use the spoon to scrape the shell ginger, very simple and quick. With the bottom line surplus can knife to cut away.

-Instead of a knife to mince the garlic, you can use the forks to crushed garlic 1 easy way.

-To dry hands when peeling sweet potatoes, because wet hands will be sweet potatoes do itch. It is best to always wear plastic gloves when carved.

-salt water diluted the same few drops lemon juice can also cause you itching fast after doing along the mosquito nets.

-When doing taro itching be immediately retrieved the vinegar eat mixed in warm water. Dipping his hand into a pot of water vinegar mix about 2 minutes will cease itching.

-Sho hands on fire about 1 minutes, these substances cause itching there in mint, taro, taro will decompose when experiencing high temperatures, you will feel good right away.

-for those with sensitive skin, the Peel the vegetables not only itchy hand that nasty body should take 2 tablespoon of vinegar mixed into water, bath will cease itching at all.

-Color: green vegetables Boiled in broth casserole a few drops of lemon or vinegar, water boiling really waiting for new veggies on.=