Tips to deodorize in the wardrobe effectively, everyone should know

Use old newspapers

If you want to deodorize in a closet, use old newspapers, then roll them into your sleeves, armpits or pants, etc. for about 4 hours or preferably overnight to help dehumidify and deodorize clothes very effectively.

Use coffee grounds bag

One simple but very effective way is to use coffee grounds, or open a bag of instant coffee and place it in the closet. Because in coffee grounds have a very good effect in dehumidifying and eliminating odors in the closet. Besides, it also works to chase other insects like ants, termites or cockroaches very effectively.

Coffee grounds help deodorize clothes

Use alcohol

When you want to deodorize in your closet, use alcohol. The scent of alcohol works to deodorize thick clothes such as woolen, felt or velvet cloth, you can put a little vodka in a spray bottle, then spray on clothes. After finishing spraying, you should hang clothes in a cool place to give the opportunity to fly away fastest.

Use baking soda

Clothes in a long-term closet often have a nasty moldy smell, you can use a little baking soda to sprinkle on smelly items, leave for hours, then shake off the powder on clothes, like So your clothes not only smell bad but also smell much better.

Old newspapers help deodorize clothes

In addition, banking soda powder also helps clean the sink or kitchen cabinets very effectively.