Tips to make you choose fresh ribs suitable for each dish

Do not choose the following types of ribs

Ribs are too slippery surface

Pork contains lots of water will be poor quality. Similarly, if the surface of the pork ribs is too wet, it may have been suckled or frozen.

Ribs are too sticky surface

When buying, we can use the hands to check the surface of the pig bone. If the surface is too sticky, it is likely that the bone has been left for a long time, causing the surface to produce a layer of mucus, no longer fresh.

The rib is not elastic

If you press lightly with your hand if you see that the meat is sinking and does not return to its original shape, it means that the bone is not fresh, it could also be sick pork, should not be bought.

How to choose a delicious rib to suit each dish

To choose fresh ribs, you should pay attention to the colors. The flesh must be pink, elastic, with no rancid smell. Do not choose pieces with large, round bones. Ribs with flat bones and small bones will have less bone, more meat.

Do not choose ribs that are too small. Small pieces are usually ribs from small pigs, which do not taste good and do not guarantee quality. Since small pigs are not sold, they can be sick or sick and sold soon.

To make sweet and sour stir-fries, poached, fried . you should choose ribs with lean meat, low fat. The tenderloin, young rib with cartilage used to process these dishes are the best.

For the soup, porridge . should choose ribs with both lean and fat. So when the water security will take the aromatic fat.