Using beer for shampooing everyone thought it was bad, but after a week the whole house was round-eyed by the unexpected

What effect does beer head wash have?

The key ingredient in beer is malt and barley, these two ingredients are rich in essential protein for hair to help nourish and restore damaged hair very effectively. In beer, there is a natural amount of sugar that makes hair more shiny.

Beer contains many minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, Sucrose, Protein are important nutrients that are essential for hair growth. In beer there is another compound called Silica, which can make hair thicker and stronger.

Beer rich in nutrients helps to nourish hair from root to tip

Especially in many beers, Biotin is considered a medicine to help hair grow faster, prevent dandruff and hair loss very well. Many proteins, B vitamins, other substances like Maltose, Sucrose in a beer bottle make hair grow faster, restore natural damage and shine to the hair.

Because of the miraculous effects of beer that bring about hair, many women use shampoo beer to take care of their hair always strong.

Shampooed with beer helps make hair fast and smooth

Instructions on how to wash your beer with beer helps your hair grow fast

Step 1 : Pour beer into the bowl for overnight to eliminate carbon dioxide (this is a substance that hinders the operation of the shampoo, while it is combined with water, creating hard water that makes the hair erect, tangled, harder to brush).

Step 2 : Clean the hair, wipe the hair slightly dry, then massage gently with beer from the foot to the end of hair about 3-5 minutes for beer to penetrate into the hair roots.

Step 3 : Use a warm towel to warm your hair for about 10 minutes, then rinse with water.