Wash dishes, 3 mistakes when washing dishes

The mistakes of washing dishes below will cause bacteria to reproduce and cause illness in your body

Use too much dishwashing liquid to kill bacteria

Many housewives who have a habit of washing dishes often put a lot of dishwashing liquid in to help remove dirt quickly and easily. But this is completely mistaken for giving many dishwashers a lot of water to remove foam on the dish.

In addition, the component of dishwashing liquid contains many acidic substances when you do not carefully eat and cause many dangerous diseases for humans.

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Do not pour dishwashing liquid directly onto dishes

Add dishwashing liquid directly to the dish

Many housewives often pour the dishwashing liquid directly onto the dishes and then wash, which makes dishwashing liquid stick to the dish surface quite a lot when you wash with water these chemicals cannot go away and affect the energy. your health. Instead of diluting dishwashing liquid with water, many people choose to pour it directly onto the dish.

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Do not use 1 dish washing dish for all types of utensils

Only use one rag for all utensils

Many families use a piece of dishwashing cloth for a long time but have not changed it until the rag is broken. This will make the dish less clean. You should use dishwashers for different types of utensils. There should be rags and dishes of pots and pans with pots and pans that need to use rags with strong rubbing

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