Admire the stunning wedding dresses of the four most popular brides in Vietnam showbiz in 2018

Lan Khue

Only two days left, the marriage of Lan Khue and his wife John Tuan Nguyen will officially take place in Ho Chi Minh City. After chanting some pictures in the wedding photos made in Paris, France, Lan Khue recently continued to satisfy the fans when revealing the whole behind-the-scenes test of wedding dresses, and recording the process. Wedding dress design.

It is known that the beautiful NTK who sent before the whole month is Ha Thanh Huy. No choice of fluttering designs, wedding dress designs of long legs bring a hugging shape close to the body shape.

The second wedding dress was designed to be sophisticated, silver-glued, helping Lan Khue to show off the perfect physique and inherent elegance and charm.

Close-up of Lan Khue's luxurious beauty in the most sophisticated wedding dress design.

Nha Phuong

After many waves, the love story Nha Phuong - Truong Giang "bears fruit" by sweet wedding on September 25. Nha Phuong bride received a lot of compliments when she appeared splendidly in the princess-style wedding dress, designed sophisticatedly and meticulously. The dress has a classic shape, creating accents on the waist and the lower body spreading, romantic and romantic.

According to the designer Chung Thanh Phong, the wedding dress has spare parts made up of 200 m net fabric. He handled the bulge by lining up 30 layers of fabric. Material imported from Korea makes costumes bulky, but still light, helping the bride to move easily.

On the upper body, the designer uses cotton lace fabric imported from France, cut each piece of lace separately, assembles and embroiders into hand-made patterns. The chest of the shirt was made of a corset with a leather fabric with lots of frames, which helped to crown the bride's first round. Comes with a skirt is a 4 m long chiffon scarf.

At the dinner party on the wedding day, Nha Phuong changed into the second outfit with a satin dress, sexy shoulder-length style. The highlight of this design is the large and long bow tie detailing the ground at the back.

Runner-up Tu Anh

Chung Thanh Phong also helped runner-up Tu Anh to appear splendidly on the wedding day last July.

Also taking the idea from the princess who came out of the fairy, Tu Anh's lavish wedding dress was designed in the shape of a puffed-up shape to create a floating, luxurious with motifs attached to more than 20,000 crystals and types. Meticulous Swarovski stones by hand. Classic dress but the shoulder part made of chiffon mesh is the highlight to help the beautiful Ha people exude a gentle, elegant look that everyone must look at.

It is known that Chung Thanh Phong took 1 month to complete the wedding dress form for Tu Anh.

Diep Lam Anh

Diep Lam Anh ordered two wedding dresses from Anh Thu designer. Each dress has different features but full of luxury and luxury. With elaborate details and superior fabric material, making the total value of two dresses up to more than 200 million.

The first design has royal style with gothic pattern, combining silk taffeta and French lace. The dress has detailed lace flowers on a thin mesh background in the arms and collar. In addition, crystal and pearl are intertwined to highlight the elegance of Diep Lam Anh.

The second dress with multi-layer chiffon material creates a lightness for the bride. Details saw that it would help Diep Lam Anh to move easily in the party, but still very attractive.