Attendance for the most extravagant wedding dresses of 2019 of Vietnamese stars

Dong Nhi

In November 2019, the `` century wedding '' of the golden couple in the entertainment industry of Vietnam - Dong Nhi and Ong Cao Thang was officially held. After a decade of love, the couple officially came to the same house in the congratulations of many fans.

In the big day, Dong Nhi   chose Chung Thanh Phong's splendid wedding dress . The dress has a fluttering design, elegant, long-sleeved cup chest classic to increase the charisma of 8X beauties. From costumes to hairstyles, makeup styles create a lovely, charming, simple appearance that is luxurious for the bride.

According to Chung Thanh Phong, this is Dong Nhi's dream wedding dress because it was created completely based on the interests and desires of the singer.

Reportedly, Dong Nhi's wedding dress was designed by designer Chung Thanh Phong, inspired by dewdrops, with sparkling swarovski stones inlaid.

Although I do not know the exact value of the dress that Dong Nhi wears, but based on the use of high-quality imported fabrics, skirt parts are net-punched fabrics, veil of long hair with terrible length, many people concludes that the price of this design is not small at all.

Bao Thy

The wedding of Bao Thy and her husband, Phan Linh, is also one of the events of interest in November. Despite the organization being discreet and tightening security to the maximum extent, images are leaked out from the procession. The singer-in-law still receives public attention.

Not to disappoint the audience, appearing in the lavish wedding ceremony, Bao Thy became the focus of all attention when the beauty transformed into a princess out of a fairy tale.

Bao Thy's wedding dress has white tones and high-class lace material, which was created by the delicate hands of Chung Thanh Phong designer. The design makes many people overwhelmed by silver strips and lots of Swarovski crystals to create eye-catching sparkle.

The outfit also has a skirt fluttering like a princess, the long tail sweeping the ground for more than a meter also shows the lovely and smooth.

The dress is so splendid and luxurious, it makes the 8X beauty shine and become the focus of the eyes.

Giang Hong Ngoc

Giang Hong Ngoc's wedding dress is a brilliant and elegant design.

Beauties born in 1989 chose a chest cup wedding dress, studded with sparkling crystals, spread evenly from the body to the wide skirt. The Swarovski crystal stones embedded in the skirt on the body have a bold color combined with the delicate and skillful ombre style combination that makes the wedding dress not sink but still shine brightly. Even the veil veil is also meticulously cared for when attaching the same material, helping the bride to be more beautiful and radiant.

It is known that the wedding dress that Hacchic brand made for Giang Hong Ngoc is worth VND 400 million and takes Ekip's 400 hours of hard work.

Dam Thu Trang

On the evening of July 28, the marriage of businessmen on the streets of Cuong Do La and Dam Thu Trang took place at a famous wedding center in Saigon. The couple officially "went home" after two years of dating. As expected of Cuong Do La's future wife, the wedding dress that Thu Trang looked quite gorgeous.

The wedding dress has a bust cup shape, the outer is covered with organza fabric forming pleated lines gracefully. A special feature of this design lies in the technique of making corset phom to make the waist as small as possible. P skirt parts are also meticulously processed frames to create a luxurious look.

Reportedly, in order to have a beautiful fairy-like wedding dress for the bride Dam Thu Trang, Chung Thanh Phong fashion designer has mobilized a team of highly skilled workers, embroidered motifs, crystal embroidery, 100% swarovski stones. manually for 3 consecutive months.

Vo Ha Tram

After the emotional affair, Vo Ha Tram surprised everyone when for the first time publicizing the image of the Indian businessman's boyfriend. Reportedly, Vo Ha Tram's boyfriend does not work in showbiz. He is a businessman in the field of marble. The couple's wedding was held at a luxury hotel in Ho Chi Minh City.

On the big day, Vo Ha Tram chooses a wedding dress from Lek Chi fashion house, inspired by the summer clouds. The entire motif of the skirt is embroidered with gold thread and thousands of beads, Swarovski crystal.

Made from tulle and French chiffon, the design is as soft as silk. The length of the skirt extends up to 160 cm, helping the bride to take gentle, easy steps when entering the banquet hall for the ceremony.

The highlight of the dress pattern is the cut-out sleeves at the shoulder. It is known that the value of the wedding dress that Vo Ha Tram wear is 800 million and it takes more than 600 hours to embroider, embellish the craft.

Le Ha

The wedding of Le Ha The Face and her lover Trung Hieu is also the event that attracts many people's attention in 2019. Accordingly, after a period of dating and publicity on social networks, the two have officially held a launch ceremony on both sides of family and friends in Gia Lai's hometown.

Le Ha's wedding dress on the big day was inspired by the classic image of Cinderella, created by designer Linh Nga worth nearly half a billion.

The design has a basic shape with a high neck, horizontal chest cup, fluttering skirt legs and luxurious fabric material imported from France.

In addition to high-quality crystal fabric, the dress is also handcrafted with beads and stones, which emphasize the neck, waist and chest of the dress, and meticulous, delicate hand embroidery.