Bold wedding dresses 'love language' of Ningyang Lan Ngọc

Ningyang Ngoc Lan share, the wedding photo of her to be inspired from the wedding "love language" of amateurs Huynh Xiaoming with Angela's Baby. Add to that she often gets "enquire" family story my husband should female actors 9 x decided to DIY bride "monocoque".

Ngoc Lan brides choose for themselves the broad sweep of lace dresses, hair by high mạh highlights page and highlight the seductive lips. Wedding dresses are stylized, cut a portion of the back and neck to the bride can stilts cleverly sexycurves.

This combination brings exquisite, extravagant beauty like her wish.

Bold wedding dresses "love language" of Ningyang Lan Ngọc

Lace motifs still most popular brides in this year's wedding season

The bride "Elf" Ningyang Lan Ngọc

LAN Ngọc choose for themselves the broad-sweep wedding gown sets, creating the feeling of soaring, romantic

The bride chose a red colour to highlight hair, seductive lips is by high, few drop curly natural feeling

Muốt white dress with waist and arms are so penetrates fabrics create a sensual stroke difference

Cut a section in the back and waist helps the bride flashed a cleverly tattoos

Ngoc Lan Ningyang brides dream, glamour made many people ignored absurd

The back cut sawn daring to bride breeze full sexy curves

Photo: Luciola Nguyen

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