Close-up of exquisite lace wedding dresses, beautiful as a bride's dream Tu Vi

British author and Tu Vi are busy preparing the final stitching for upcoming big wedding day. Recently Tu Vi radiance of the day tried. You choose the design wedding dresses lace lovely General Designer Thanh Phong in welcoming the bride.

Wedding dress with white colours with modern design combined beauty with bold East Asia.

In August, party invitation Range will impress upon appeared on stage the same floral lace dress Royal style skirts sweep bulging with sophisticated design, using 3D flower applique technique.

Combined with wedding dresses in chiffon slim magnifying is crystal clear. The bride will stand out in the context of the white neutral Green Party brought the idea of the sea, romantic melodic music background.

Tu Vi splendid and beautiful when cloaked bride dress.

Fish tail shape helps Crown contour charm of the bride Tu Vi. It is known that in the wedding Van-Tu Vi, American actress will an 4 wedding dress by Designer General Thanh Phong made exclusively for you.

Van-Tu Vi is the "brother, sister" of showbiz.

The wedding of the couple in the village entertainment will be held on July 11.=


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