Legends My beautiful, beautiful in splendid wedding dresses dresses

My occult had taken the pictures with the splendid wedding dresses patterns, and also very picky brand of Kenny in the trip to London, England.

Legendary runner My bride Member dream amidst the picturesque, peaceful.

Besides looks, dream trance, sometimes Legends My back "rebel" amidst the devastation of the countryside.

White wedding dress with the gorgeous muốt of the same faces are stylishly care under your hands of Kenny flowers, Thai, My looks so charming.

The fish tail skirt designs sophisticated and seductive, My as a "Muse" exquisite beauty.

Wedding gown collection this season, Kenny Thai meticulously than for the material and accessories that attach to the dress becomes simple but extremely attractive.

The intermittent chest Cup attaches to the bow tie waist part as do religious designs for the bride as well as the beauty of the daughter, grace.

"The flow of time" is not the Legendary do My poor best, become that in contrast, runner more exquisite beauty, the daughter of grace.

First install accessories, veils and more subtle design make the collection class.

One thing is undeniable that, My increasingly more beautiful since winning the runners-up of Miss Vietnam.=


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